LGBTQ* Center Fund for Excellence

The University has been recognized, for two consecutive years, as a Top 50 LGBT Friendly Campus due to our commitment to create quality services and programming for LGBTQ* communities. In recent years, student-led advocacy has secured milestones including All-Gender Restrooms, Gender Inclusive Housing, and a Chosen or Preferred Name Policy that allows for chosen or preferred names to be listed on ID Cards. Support from the University’s LGBTQ* Services unit has offered educations, support, advocacy, leadership opportunities and community building opportunities to individual students and student organizations. This area initiated some of Stony Brook University's newest events and traditions including First Night Out Queeraoke, Semesterly Welcome (Back) Mixers, Rainbow Fall Feast, OUToberfest, Sing-Along Movies, Queer Grounds: Coffeehouse and Open Mic, and Lavender Graduation to add to student organization events and traditions like LGBTA’s Annual Drag Show, Transgender Alliance’s Transgender Day of Remembrance and House of SHADE’s Kiki Ball. Now, with the construction of a designated 1,967 square foot, student-designed center, we seek to ensure program resources to support our future growth and success.